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About Us

The Bishop's School is an English Medium Co-educational School, founded and managed by The Bhayandar Education Trust. It is a Christian Trust. The School was established in 1980. It is open to all communities irrespective of caste, creed or religion. But all must respect, obey and adhere to all the rules currently governing the School and such other rules that may be constituted from time to time for its orderly governance. No sanctions will be granted on any grounds.

The Bishop's School is recognized by the Maharashtra State Board of Education. It comprises of ten standards and prepares pupils for the Secondary School Certificate(S.S.C.) Examination of Maharashtra State. The scholastic year begins in June and consists of two semesters. First - June to October, and the Second - November to April.

The course of studies are in accordance with the syllabus laid down by the Department of Education, Maharashtra State.

It Includes:

  1. Languages - English, Marathi and Hindi
  2. Mathematics - Algebra and Geometry
  3. Science - Science A, Science B, E.V.S.
  4. Social Science - History and Political Science, Geography and Economics
  5. Computers - Information and Communication technology(I.C.T)
  6. Work Experience - Drawing and Painting, Craft, Music
  7. Physical Training - Physical and Health Education
  8. Social service
  9. Personality Development

The Bishop's School has been started not merely to add to the existing number of schools in Bhayandar but with a specific objective to inculcate among students, a love for knowledge for its own sake. Our aim is to encourage the all round development of a student in order to mold them into better citizens.

Education is the best gift a child can get and a good school plays a major role in shaping the future of a child and making him/her into worthy beings of society. We at Bishop's strive hard to inculcate the twin habits of discipline and self reliance. The spirit of Free Enterprise will be infused into them from a very early stage.


The School's motto reads 'Sincerus'. It is the Latin word for sincere. It will be the constant and everlasting endeavor of the School to instill and develop in its pupils a sense of sincerity in all that they do - work, play and prayer.

At Bishop's, we believe that every child is born with some talent. The School wishes to bring out the best in every child by believing in him/her and his/her specialness and guiding him/her to the fullness of life.

The School has obtained 100% results at the S.S.C. Board Examination for the last twenty-one(consecutive) years. Our students have excelled in various sports at the District, State and National level. Inspite of this achievement, we still feel there are many more areas where we can reach and excel. We have miles to go before we sleep.