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23 Jun, 2014

The Student's Council Election 2014-15

Today, the Bishopites got a first hand experience of 'Local Self-Governance.' To start off, students of Stds. VIII and IX, who wished to represent the student's council, were given an opporttunity to campaign their candidature on Friday (20.06.14). The names of these students were printed on the 'Ballot Paper'. Students from Std. VII to Std. X were allowed to cast their vote for the candidates of their preference. The system of voting was multiple votes (maximum of 33) per voter. Candidates with a majority would be declared winner.

What is 'The Student's Council' ?

The Student's Council of The Bishop's School comprises of 50 members. Their break up is as follows:

I  Head-Girl, Head-Boy, Asst. Head-Girl and Asst. Head-Boy.

    These members are elected by the members of the Staff, both teaching and non-teaching.  The Head-Girl and Head-Boy are from Std. X (S.S.C.)    and the Asst. Head-Girl and the Asst. Head-Boy are from Std. IX. In case of a tie, the Principal exercises his casting vote.

II  House Captain and vice-Captain of the four houses.

    They are voted for by the students of the respective Houses. In case of a tie, the House teacher exercises his/her casting vote.

III The School Commander and Asst. Commander.

     Nominated by the Physical Education Instructors.

IV  Members of the council

     The members are declared elected by a (simple) majority vote cast by the students of Stds. VII, VIII, IX and X

V   Staff Members

     Three teachers - by rotation.